What we do

Disseminate and Communicate the most recent Data-Science research

We aim to disseminate Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning cutting edge algorithms and results in free conferences accessible to non-specialists.

At least, once a month the most prominent researchers speak about emergent theories and state-of-the-arts Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

The forefront Machine Learning developers from startups to big corporations explain their brightest applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The sharpest AI technologists and innovative winners of Data-Science competitions share hidden and precious computer code and explanations that conduct to obtain the best possible results.

Photo taken during a Paris Machine Learning meetup

We are focus on self-learning algorithms rather than in technology and architecture. This reflects our DNA and interests. Other computer-science groups put their attention to technology stack and do a very job on this. This complement our job.

Meet expert-researchers and connect with techno-geeks

Beyond this hard to obtain goal, we also want to give to our members the opportunity to know and meet in person those who experiment Machine Learning algorithms and tools.

We must admit that Machine Learning is hard and one of the key is the ability to talk to the right person which will give the insight to succeed in applying Machine Learning.


The third biggest Data-Science group in the world

In 2013, years before the actual AI hype, we decided to create a group able to attract high level Data specialists AND people just curious about what this field can deliver.

In the first meeting, we were just a dozen of techno-geeks around a table discussed about what to do. In the next events, we ask to the best specialists to talk to our members about the works.

For exemple, computer-scientists came to one of these first meetings to explain how Data-Science can help to decode brain activity in the human cortex.

Photo taken during a Paris Machine Learning meetup

Rapidly, in less than one year we reach a thousand of members. This permit to be credible to ask to Google managers to host the last meeting of the season#1.

This evening, 300 data-scientists come and wait quietly in the street. Even Google Paris team amazed seeing such this crowd of nerds and geeks waiting for the doors open :-)

For the final of this first season, we succeed to attract Andrew Ng as at the key speaker. Andrew was the researcher behind Google brain experiment and he is one of the most renew AI specialist in the world.

After this first season, our group grew from thousand members to almost 6,000.

We are now the third biggest Data-Science group in the world and keep growing.


Franck Bardol

Data Scientist Expert - AI & Big Data Trainer for Business - Associate Professor - Hackathon Mentor

Help you to gain strategic insights for your business through your data.

Automated $700 millions business decisions in financial industry.

Igor Carron

I am the CEO and Co-founder of LightOn SAS, a company dedicated to making Artificial Intelligence computations faster and less power hungry.

Our vision is to develop sustainable computing hardware from IoT all the way to High Performance Computing.